Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Post

1. I like how we can communicate with other people from different places.
2. I wonder why everybody uses the blogger.
3. Next Step I want to learn more about it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Year of 2012-13

My year of 2012-13 was not the best, but I tried really hard to forget about the bad times. My favorite subject was math. My favorite movies are the fast in the furious. My favorite types of music is rap and country. My favorite TV show are big bang theory. My favorite kid movie was spongebob and I loved watching it with my grandpa.

 A friend that I could always talk to was Sydney M.  She listened to how I feel and she would always ask me what was wrong. She never complained about anything. This girl is very amazing and intelligent.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blogging Challenge "Challenge 8"

Blogging Challenge
My Favorites

My Life
1)  One of my favorite sportsto play in the summer is softball. I love to play softball with my friends from Argos in the summer. I catch up on what they have done after softball season. My hometown is Argos and Plymouth. Every time I play on a softball team it has to be in Argos. Most of my good friends all live there. Softball is my game in the summer.

My pink skates(:
2) My favorite thing to do on the weekend is skating. I have skated for since I was a little girl. I enjoy skating a lot and I have loved it. I use to skate every Friday and Saturday on the weekend. I have my own skates and they are my babies. I've always wanted tot ice skate but never could so I tried speed skating.  I go skating with my two best friends Cord and Tyler.


3) Another favorite thing I do in my free time is listen to music. My favorite type of music is Rap. I love to blare my music when I am in a good mood or sad. I dont think I could ever go a day without music. I don't like when I am in the car and there is no music playing it get very awkward.

Bump, Set, Spike
4) My favorite thing to do indoors is play volleyball. Volleyball is my game and it will never change. I have played volleyball since 5th grade. I have wonderful coaches and they gave me a chance to become a good player. I would never take back any mistakes because I learned from them. 

5) What I love to also do is take pictures. I think later in life I want a job of taking pictures or getting pictures taken of me. I love taking  pictures with my friends and family too. I love having memories of my friends and families. I can't live days without taking photos for memories. 

6) My favorite subject is Math. The reason why I like math is because I understand it and its my strong subject. I couldn't have learned so much without the help of Mrs. Cox. I'd rather has math instead of any other subject. Its has always been my strongest subject.

7) My favorite thing to do is sleep. When I sleep I am in a good mood when I wake up. I love to sleep when I actually can sleep. I love when you get in bed, pull the blankets on, fluff your pillow and you fall asleep right when you hit the bed. This is why sleeping in my favorite thing.

8)My favorite thing to do with my family is make tie blankets. I have made 4+ blankets with my family. I love making decorated blankets. Some of the blankets I have made are a snowman, a volleyball, a soccer, and a camouflage blankets.

9) My favorite thing to do is swimming with my friends. I love to go to the public pool with my friends and then go over and play sand volleyball or play at the park. I love to go down the slide. I like to go off of the diving board. The best park is relaxing with your arms on the edge and kicking your feet.

10) My favorite thing to do in the winter is cuddle with my grandpa and watching movies. I love to watch Christmas movies with him to. The only thing I did in the winter at night time when I was a little girl was lay in his lap and fall asleep watching a movie and then waking up in my bed in the morning. Also I would pretend that I am sleeping and let him carry me to my bedroom. I feature those memories. I love my grandpa so much. Those are my favorites.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Yukon Geography, Weather, Flora & Fauna

April 26,2013

This blog is from a Language Arts Project about the Yukon Geography, Weather, Flora & Fauna informations


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blogging Challenge "Challenge 4"

Blogging Challenge

My pinterest board is about sunsets. I put it about sunsets because I like them. I always watch the sunset so I can see what colors it will be.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Blogging Challenge "Challenge 2"

Blogging Challenge
Freedom Of Choice

I picked music as my "Freedom of Choice."  The reason why I picked music is because it calms me down and when I am upset it mellows me. I love listening to music when I have a bad day. I don't think I could go a day without music. Music is the only way I concentrate and sleep. I rely on music 24/7.  I like running while listening to music.This is why I pick music as my freedom of choice.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blogging Challenge "Challenge 1"

Student Blogging Challenge
"Challenge 1"-Who Am I?
 If you could meet 10 people, alive or dead, who would they be? 
The 10 people I would meet would be:                                                           

Micheal Jordan:What does it feel like to dunk the ball?

Martin Luther King Jr.: What did it feel like to end segregation? 

Albert Pujols: What is the farthest ball you have ever hit?
David Ortiz: How long have you played?
Kobe Bryant: Did you have a dream to be a professional basketball player when you grew up?

Drake: Why did you become a artist?

Taylor Swift: Why do you always write love songs?

Abraham Lincoln: Why'd you wear such a tall hat?

 Shaquille O'Neil:  What size shoe do you wear?

 Gabby Douglas: What did it feel like to win gold at the Olympics?